Tuesday, March 29, 2016

cheap jordans -Retro Air Jordan 5 Retro G "Black Metal"

Retro Air Jordan 5 Retro G "Black Metal" new physical image will be officially on sale July 23, 2016, five classic black and silver back, back to Nike heels. After repeated exposure, before the end of the word Air Jordan 5 Retro G "black metal" seems a little something fixed "Nike" version, not the version of the initial exposure Jordan. Familiar and classic black suede shoe uppers bring unrivaled experience texture silver 3M reflective tongue silver ink inflammation of clothes, that unforgettable classic elements. Nike air with natural white embroidery is the biggest highlight of this regression, but not the number 23 embroidered on, no doubt is a pity. A $ 220 price, the price is expected around Project: 845035-003 [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/blog/retro-air-jordan-5-retro/ ] cheap jordans [/url] Release Date: July 23 offer price: $ 220

Monday, March 28, 2016

cheap jordans -Air Jordan 2 Low "Fitness red"

Air Jordan 2 Low "Fitness red" in-kind tourist map
April 2 will be officially on sale, Air Jordan 2 Low "gym red" red shoes systemic and delicate texture performance, bringing a stunning fiery impact. Classic Air Jordan 2 Low reproduction, which Michael Jordan has been in professional basketball league in a low-cut shoes, continues the second generation of the classic style, the lower down the visual experience to bring a more flexible, more suited to the warm season clothing. The official website will also be released April 2,  [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-II-(2)-Retro-n2_p1.html ] cheap jordans [/url] Project: 832819-606 Published: April 2 Offer price: $ 199

Sunday, March 27, 2016

cheap jordans for sale -Air Jordan 6 retro maroon near Rewards

Air Jordan 6 retro maroon near Rewards
In the part of the Jordan brand retro remake of the plan, Air Jordan 6 retro'maroon shoes designed to pursue forms of carving precision. In addition to the classic Nike design team with Mark reproduce outside is also committed to the 1991 model is almost identical fabric, leather texture, texture choices, describing the details of excellence, while creating a unique retro feel, [url=http://www.cheapjordansmall.com/news/air-jordan-6-retro-maroon-for-sale-a-458.html ] cheap jordans for sale [/url] reminiscent of over Jordan River won the first time in the classic shot.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

cheap jordan shoes -Air Jordan 7 Retro "Barcelona day"

Air Jordan 7 Retro "Barcelona day"
As an old fan, you will not forget the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, USA Basketball "Dream Team" figure. 88 years was defeated influence in Seoul, the US Olympic basketball team determined to make the NBA players, and ultimately collected almost all the time NBA players including Michael Jordan, including the lines form a "dream team", the powerful US team lineup unprecedented way bloodbath opponents, and he won the Barcelona Olympic champion such meetings when. This latest version of the dual air Jordan 7 Retro "Barcelona day" comes from this glorious history. The new shoes are a mix of wolf gray and dark gray sheepskin sheepskin, with bright colors and a lower bottom, showing warm Barcelona style. Shoes dark gray / gray / orange Holland / sapphire [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-VII-(7)-Retro-n7_p1.html ] cheap jordan shoes [/url] Project: 304775-016 offer price: $ 190

Thursday, March 24, 2016

cheap jordans online -the Retro Air Jordan 12 "Wings" new style show for sale

New packaging and bright Gold, the Retro Air Jordan 12 "Wings" new style show for sale
The Retro Air Jordan 12 "Wings" upset a lot of shoes, fans friends plan to start. Undoubtedly halfway blaze Cheng Yaojin! Retro Air Jordan 12 playoffs in a familiar white and black color design shoes, bright colors and gold details which will inject familiar gold buckle, plus WINGS words presented on the upper gold, followed by MJ places with open arms WINGS decorative classic, refined atmosphere full of hard to refuse.[url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-XII-(12)-Retro-n12_p1.html ] cheap jordans online [/url]
It is said that this shoe in the world will only be a limited 12,000 pairs, today there's a new kind of image display. There is no specific date announced, we will continue to focus, it is expected to be officially added in April.

Monday, March 21, 2016

cheap jordans online -Air Jordan 4 premium "black" this week

Air Jordan 4 premium "black" this week, in time to sales?
Prior notice will be officially sold March 26 4 "black", it is the most popular of the week new shoes shelves. As a top series Air Jordan 4 retro shoes black shoes, with a metal body parts, colors brought high-quality leather, delicate textures and materials, decorated with black mane, this year's fourth generation of luxury shoes will not be absent distinguished dress, has been exposed in paragraph 3 Air Jordan 4 Premium luxury shoes, the black version of the Air Jordan 4 Premium "black" luxurious atmosphere. Black and white low, but it reveals a very special visual effects, a very high popularity. At home and abroad has not yet issued a formal announcement this week, the sale can proceed as scheduled, it is not clear, we will continue to focus [url = http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-IV-(4)-Retro-n4_p1.html ] cheap jordans online [/ url] Project: 819139-010 Release Date: March 26 offer price: $ 400

Sunday, March 20, 2016

cheap jordans -Retro Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" white blue detail

Retro Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" white blue detail
Coming back engraved blue color of the French Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" is undoubtedly one of the largest expected this month, this pair of classic white and blue dress vibrant color, after a lapse of 11 years once again return, brought back a lot about Sneaker Air Jordan sneakers and memories. The problem is we are quite concerned about the volume, the volume of rumors with black gold color The Master's almost the same is not present in the pre-sale price has been $ 300, [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/views/?Jordan-XII(12)-French-Blue-071-27072.html ] cheap jordans [/url] and for your reference.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

cheap jordan shoes -Air Jordan 11 Low "Bred" illustrated tour

Air Jordan 11 Low "Bred" illustrated tour
Popular shoes black and red Air Jordan 11 Low will be the absolute protagonist. Perhaps now many people have their eager, here we bring shoes illustrated tour for your reference. [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-XI-(11)-Retro-n11_p1.html ] cheap jordan shoes [/url] The classic black and red color as the Jordan brand 30 anniversary gift works like a friend not to be missed.

Friday, March 18, 2016

cheap jordans online -Air Jordan 7 Retro GS "Cape Verde" tour

Air Jordan 7 Retro GS "Cape Verde" tour
Retro Air Jordan 30 anniversary color sales, a new color version of the Air Jordan 7 women will be officially unveiled this week. Overall presentation of all white shoes, with a black tongue and details, infrared and infrared color detail green soles and shoes, highlighting the new style of female consumers. Shoes will be officially on sale March 14, Number 705417-138, priced at $ 140, [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-VII-(7)-Retro-n7_p1.html ] cheap jordans online [/url] will contain the size of the child.

Monday, March 14, 2016

cheap jordans -The Retro Air Jordan 3 with fashion basketball Undefeated fot girls

The Retro Air Jordan 3 with fashion basketball Undefeated fot girls
Unlike the usual piercing fitting contours, this time with all kinds of shoes girls shirt outfit, showing lively and unrestrained movement style. Rage in the world popular trend sporty, you keep it?Classic basketball clothes
Sporty I do not know where to start? Then secretly basketball clothes to wear her boyfriend now! Single wearing a Michael Jordan North Carolina college worn blue basketball clothes as dresses, and then with the Air has a classic crack explosion Retro Air Jordan 3 for girls, inadvertently showing off slender legs, so that the overall shape is full of compelling and sexy charm. Or you can boldly wear fashion brand American basketball Undefeated full set of equipment, with her boyfriend on the same section of Air Jordan 11 "Bred", [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-III(3)-Retro-n465_p1.html ] cheap jordans [/url] and you have him on the court to conduct a relaxed fun PK it!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

cheap jordans -Air Jordan 5 Low brand new physical details tushang

cheap jordans -Air Jordan 5 Low brand new physical details tushang
The special sneaker specially built by Air Jordan 5 Low inspired kite. Heel, tongue, insole patterns show full theme features. Shoes debut during the New Year, no exact commercial information disclosure, we will continue to focus on details.
A new color of the Air Jordan 5 Low exposure in kind, shoes overall colors are mainly black, but the most characteristic is that the tongue and heel, unique Chinese motifs meantime, [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-V(5)-Retro-n316_p1.html ] cheap jordans [/url] infrared red decorative details.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

jordans for cheap -Rapper Macklemore's Air Jordan 12 "Wings" will be on sale

Rapper Macklemore's Air Jordan 12 "Wings" will be on sale
Jordan Brand seems to be from Seattle rapper Macklemore particularly care, but also gave him after six, and many ordinary people make astronomical coveted Air Jordan shoes including Bryant suits, two different colors of Air Jordan. The Jordan Brand once again resorted to the big move, will launch Macklemore x Air Jordan 12, it is worth mentioning is that the shoes and Air Jordan 12 playoffs is quite similar,
but the details of either or both materials will be significantly better than the former. The shoe laces buckle for the gold, it has not yet determined whether the material is pure gold, but only from the exposure of the picture does look more luxurious look. There we can see the heel at the abolition of the traditional text, replaced by MJ open arms classic poster image. The shoes are expected to fall in 2016 on sale, [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/blog/jordans-12-for-cheap/ ] jordans for cheap [/url] but it is disappointing that the number is very limited.

cheap jordan shoes -Retro Air Jordan 12 "Grey / University Blue"available information exposure

Retro Air Jordan 12 "Grey / University Blue" available information exposure
Previously, we have seen Air Jordan 12 "Grey / University Blue" of 3D renderings in Jordan sale plan, accompanied by white gray gradient. Today it's the truth was finally opened, the exposure from physical map view, upper broadly divided into gray and white two colors, but gray is not as described renderings is so gradual. Apart from this there are two colors blue and obsidian blue University, heel and shoe lining color and 2012 engraved Air Jordan 12 Obsidian is very similar. The shoes are expected in June 25, 2016 at a price of $ 190 on sale. [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/ ] cheap jordan shoes [/url] We will bring you the latest reports of the shoe, so stay tuned.

Friday, March 11, 2016

cheap jordans -Retro Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue" and a new color impressions

Retro Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue" and a new color impressions
Air Jordan Brand seems very frequent releases Air Jordan 12 color recently, after gold buckle and Valentine's Day, a new color and is expected to release in April this year. The new color is white and blue color scheme University, reportedly based on the 2004 Air Jordan 12 WMNS modeled, and for the GS version. There is no color picture outflow, but look at this similar to its 2004 Air Jordan 12 WMNS, should be roughly guess the new color appearance.[url=http://www.footsneakers.com/views/?Jordan-XII(12)-French-Blue-071-27072.html ] cheap jordans [/url]
Retro Air Jordan 12 GS "University Blue"
Item: 510815-127
Release Date: 2016-04-02
Price: $ 140

Thursday, March 10, 2016

cheap jordans -Take a look at the Air Jordan 11 to see which will be low this summer

Take a look at the Air Jordan 11 to see which will be low this summer. Every great season this year is Air Jordan 11 shoes whispered focus on appearance, this summer will mark the colors return.First fine in 2001 sale, red and white color, AIR JORDAN11 low white / red will be engraved in the sale of the summer, the white mesh fabric with customized red patent leather shoes with white midsole and outsole crystal, not only in the red and white dress supplement bring vitality striking atmosphere. [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-XI-(11)-Retro-n11_p1.html ] cheap jordans [/url] For AIR JORDAN11 low traffic red patent leather is a unique visual effect.

cheap jordans online -Air Jordan 11 Low Bred black and red is quite eye-catching.

Air Jordan 11 Low Bred black and red is quite eye-catching.
Marcus Jordan shoes shops will be opened for business, and this new store called the Trophy Room is also gradually began to promote its work. Trophy Room official Twitter account posted a 15-second short video in which a pair of Air Jordan 11 Low Bred black and red is quite eye-catching. On the upper left and right, respectively, showing the Trophy Room Logo and the words, Marcus also said that from Mark Smith of a special gift, but Mark is the sneakers laser patterning cheap jordans technology inventor, this pair of shoes specially made 1 of 1, the use of naturally [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-XI-(11)-Retro-n11_p1.html ] cheap jordans online [/url] the best and most exquisite shoes laser technology.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

cheap retro air jordan 2 Low "UNC" PE color impressions for sale

retro air jordan 2 Low "UNC" PE color impressions for sale
With the arrival of American college basketball March Madness, Jordan Brand began to introduce color to the corresponding PE, and with a unique tongue, the overall effect is outstanding. this time we see his alma mater, University of North Carolina to pay tribute to Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 2 Low "UNC" PE color. Plastic color blue to pink color, details to be white, black lace, especially the tongue letters and lined diamond pattern, [url=http://www.footsneakers.com/products/?Air-Jordan-II-(2)-Retro-n2_p1.html ] cheap jordans for sale [/url] highlighting the "UNC" theme.