Sunday, January 17, 2016

cheap jordans online --Air Jordan 7 Hot Lava Lava charm

Air Jordan 7 Hot Lava Lava charm
Melted rock has become the magma, and the rock can melt extremely hot, just like the first time in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the horizon at the foot of the trapeze Air Jordan 7, the fans of extreme fanaticism.
After the surface magma becomes lava, natural phenomena such outbreaks are very rare.
That year, 1988, Yu and go off US college basketball team has become a "dream team", and the outbreak of the US men's basketball team in the Olympic Games but also let the world know [url=] cheap jordans online [/url] the beauty of NBA terror.
Between retro and modern design of Air Jordan 7Hot Lava, a blend of red lava red color precipitation and condensed in the molten state, this color and pattern stitching create a poised HOT, plus hot engraved stories and memories, I think this is the Air Jordan 7 most original charm.

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