Wednesday, June 15, 2016

cheap jordans free shipping -Air Jordan Gold Set time champion

Air Jordan Gold Set time champion
In order to pay tribute to the god of basketball Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) 92 years ago to lead the Dream Team Olympic gold unforgettable moments and memorable moments of the Olympic gold medal, [url= ] cheap jordans free shipping [/url] Nike launched the "golden moment" in the twenty-gold anniversary, winner package including a black air Jordan 7 dream team won the gold medal to commemorate the 92 colors, the air Jordan 6 to commemorate the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Ze platinum color, the US team won the gold medal.
In addition to the shoe itself extremely temptation black gold, platinum color, two pairs of shoes each also attach a dust bag with stars and stripes pattern, the United States dream team represent the final design theme, also placed in a specially designed shoe box drawer with 67 distinctive emblem gold shoes. When the 2000 Olympic Games, Ray Allen (Ray Allen) and fan Baker (Van Baker) was also wearing a pair of white Phnom Penh aj6 similar fighting games. 

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