Sunday, January 31, 2016

cheap jordans online -Michael Jordan launched the Air Jordan 1 has been 30 years

Michael Jordan launched the Air Jordan 1 has been 30 years, although it has been out to the Jordan shoes 29 generations, but the classic Air Jordan 1 shoes are still many fans favorite shoes. With the progress of time, Air Jordan 1 has undergone various changes, the design, material, color are in progress and innovation, while retaining the classic features, it is also trying to join a variety of new elements, in order to remain viable, we will take a look at the Air Jordan Air Jordan 1 large family in which a member of a small family.
Features: When is designed for the poor can not afford shoes, Jordan and build "AJKO", using a canvas material, there is no built-in cushion Air, with a special "AJKO" flying wing Logo, [url=] cheap jordans online [/url] yield rare, very rare.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

cheap jordans -Air Jordan 11 Low "White / Gold" 2016 Olympic commemorative color

Air Jordan 11 Low "White / Gold" 2016 Olympic commemorative color
Jordan Brand will release some Air Jordan Retro shoes, in order to commemorate this year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, including the Air Jordan 11 Low "White / Gold". This new color is somewhat similar to Air Jordan 11 - Chris Paul's exclusive color of a player, based on the all-white upper with black details, gold patent leather, and with a translucent outsole. There is no specific image out of this shoe, but we can PS diagrams and similar shoes to preview imagine the actual shoes. [url = http: //] cheap jordans [/ url] Air Jordan 11 Low Olympic is expected to be launched in summer 2016.

Friday, January 29, 2016

jordans for cheap -Air Jordan 1 "David Letterman" physical exposure

Air Jordan 1 "David Letterman" physical exposure
Air Jordan 1 "David Letterman" inspired by MJ participate visit David Letterman in 1986 because the then 23-year-old Jordan scored in the playoffs against the Celtics 63 points and fame. During this visit, the host and that the Air Jordan 1 MJ are very ugly "ugly". The distance was born just across the era of shoes a year, as the owner of a pair of subversion worldview innovative products, get this assessment is not surprising. The reality is quite the same today [url=] jordans for cheap [/url] reversed the plot, this is perhaps the most wanted color reproduction and expression of important elements.
Air Jordan 1 "David Letterman" in Crimson Red and dark navy blue dress showing, Cat. No. 55088-606, Offer Price $ $ 160, will be officially on sale April 30.
Pattern on the insole with ON AIR live directly coincide with the theme.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

cheap jordans online -Female models Air Jordan 4 "White Cement"

Female models Air Jordan 4 "White Cement" bring Nike Air heel
February was undoubtedly the most anticipated sale of this white cement Air Jordan 4 OG "White Cement" return again, I am afraid it regarded the best shoes in the first half of this year.
Air Jordan 4 OG "White Cement" in the back of white cement classic color, but also with reference to OG section details the first year, back to the retro flavor strong Nike Air heel and outsole. In addition to size male models outside, GS female models and children's shoes will also be synchronized shelves.
GS Female models [url=] cheap jordans online [/url] will also be presented Nike Air heel, but differ with men, not for the three-dimensional mark.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Air Jordan 11 "2016 New Year" custom Appreciation!

Wow Ow! Praising special praise! Air Jordan 11 "2016 New Year" custom Appreciation!
Modeled with AJ 11, Chinese red throughout the whole, "Kung Hei Fat Choi" on the tongue, "2016" and "fat" on the heel and upper to create a festive atmosphere and a very strong Chinese culture.
Also selected very traditional Chinese culture as Chinese knot pendant, do not have a flavor! [url=]cheap jordans[/url]
In addition to shoes, the theme of family and reward is seductive!
Xiao Bian is not greedy, just want the car!

Friday, January 22, 2016

cheap jordans -Jam: Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" by the end of 2016 return!

Jam: Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" by the end of 2016 return!
Rumors Road, this year's finale of the drama from the Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" served! It really made you surprised?
In fact it is normal, because, by the Jordan starred in the classic movie "Space Jam", this year celebrating its 20th anniversary of being.[url=] cheap jordans [/url]
Black shoes with white midsole, outsole Transparent presentation, supplemented by blue Jumpman Logo decoration, quite representative of a AJ11.
You, what ideas?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

cheap jordans -Aside from the classic Air Jordan 5 black and silver dress

cheap jordans shoes -2016 Air Jordan 5 OG '90 models black and silve

Nike Air heel! 2016 Air Jordan 5 OG '90 models black and silver color exposure
A black suede color of the Air Jordan 5 on the network exposure, section 2016 Sample sample quite familiar with black and silver dress showing, black whole body of the shoe, with the classic 3M silver tongue, midsole places silver ink dress injected full of delicate feelings.
Aside from the classic Air Jordan 5 black and silver dress reproduction, the most important of course is followed by a white Nike Air embroidery, in the fourth generation and 6th generation shoes have to bring back the retro Nike Air heel while five generations how shoes absence? [url=] cheap jordans shoes [/url]
Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5 reproduction classic dress shoes, and heel Nike Air retro performance was enough to surprise us! There is no definite release date, expected to be officially unveiled in the fall of 2016, I believe that soon there will be more news and shoes image exposure, we will continue to focus!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

cheap jordans online -Air Jordan 11 "New Year" red New Year custom models

Air Jordan 11 "New Year" red New Year custom models Air
Chinese New Year festive atmosphere a considerable custom shoes debut, The Remade bring their latest work, a large hot shoe Air Jordan 11 was modeled, to create the front of this red color of the Air Jordan 11 "Chinese New Year" Chinese New custom models.
Red leather shoes with white soles, details of the places injected white, with "good fortune" as the theme of  characters, bringing a strong Chinese cultural flavor on the tongue and upper.[url=] cheap jordans online [/url]
January 18 is expected to be officially landed The Remade's official website on sale, limited 30 pairs, there is no published price, interested friends may wish to focus

cheap jordans for sale -"Pig Pig" is the movie "Monkey Journey to the Sk...

cheap jordans for sale -Air Jordan 11 was the first time in the game after 1994-1995NBA

Air Jordan 11 was the first time in the game after 1994-1995NBA half of the season, and when the great God back into the playoffs was in the Eastern Conference semifinals against Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway led the Magic, Great God put the individual first 11 generation of signature shoes: white and black color of the Air Jordan 11 (Jordan then put Shihai nobody knows this is the Air Jordan 11), and since then God's back number or "45" number, so the time to keep up with Air Jordan shoes after 11 with 45 embroidered on the white line. As popular shoes derivative of Air Jordan 11 shoes, Air Jordan 11 Low and Air Jordan 11 Low IE is a long time. Both born in 1996 to help low shoes, dress showing a different world, God had big kiss to play these two shoes campaign. Air Jordan 11 Low collectors who once scoffed, not cut raised, as if this "bastard" will damage the 11 generations of chastity, but come now, Air Jordan 11 Low but with the advantages of a flexible and easy with the new trend of players favor; <a href='' >cheap jordans for sale</a> Lift Air Jordan 11 Low IE my mind was still stuck in the early years of the discount of 70% off the pitch dirty shoes, Air Jordan 11 was once thought over, was able to buy this pair was the only branch of Low Cut shoes ruined, then can not understand a pair of basketball shoes in order to join such a breathable mesh design Mother gun. But things is so difficult to explain, and then years later engraved round, Air Jordan has not had a regular discount field, in this AJ shoes are only talking about how much fare era Air Jordan 11 Low and Air Jordan 11 Low IE should You will find glorious reign when, right?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cheap Jordans 12 "French Blue"

Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" engraved with reply card and OG shoebox
Classic French blue color Air Jordan 12 once again return back to the classic white and blue dress vigor same time, this Air Jordan 12 "French Blue" will be engraved with a reply card and OG shoebox.
Engraved card classic The Master poster presentation, and plain kraft paper shoebox year brings classic atmosphere, except that the words on the Nike shoe replaced by Jumpman Logo. jordans for cheap
This year's Air Jordan 12 sale will be extremely exciting, I wonder if you consider what is good to start with a few pairs?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

cheap jordans online --Air Jordan 7 Hot Lava Lava charm

Air Jordan 7 Hot Lava Lava charm
Melted rock has become the magma, and the rock can melt extremely hot, just like the first time in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the horizon at the foot of the trapeze Air Jordan 7, the fans of extreme fanaticism.
After the surface magma becomes lava, natural phenomena such outbreaks are very rare.
That year, 1988, Yu and go off US college basketball team has become a "dream team", and the outbreak of the US men's basketball team in the Olympic Games but also let the world know [url=] cheap jordans online [/url] the beauty of NBA terror.
Between retro and modern design of Air Jordan 7Hot Lava, a blend of red lava red color precipitation and condensed in the molten state, this color and pattern stitching create a poised HOT, plus hot engraved stories and memories, I think this is the Air Jordan 7 most original charm.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

cheap jordans --Air Jordan 13 design inspiration

Air Jordan 13 design inspiration comes from the cheetah, which should be on Michael Jordan on the court like a cheetah as rapid a compliment, but also completely put aside the old design concepts, so in a rather unique design concept to update a bold attempt to people's aesthetic, in Air Jordan 13 unique designs, we can see very dynamic body of the shoe, like a cheetah as foot soles, and classic with different perspectives and changing pattern of three-dimensional laser mark , although these will be fully integrated with the unique design of the Air Jordan 13 elements by showing minimalist [url=] cheap jordans [/url] design style is still a class, but had to admit that so perfectly embodies the design philosophy, and a magic pen to add the finishing touch appeal of the work culture is indeed worthy of the Sneaker immortal classic. '

Thursday, January 14, 2016

cheap jordans VI(6) maroon retro mans

Air Jordan VI(6) Maroon Retro Mans
Air Jordan 6, the first year of release date is 1991, then definitely be the top basketball shoes, Air Jordan 6 is a set of all advanced technology and one of the top shoes. Forefoot Air-Sole after adding palm visible type Air-Sole, this configuration could get out of Nike was the most sincere of cushioning combined. This combination even better than today in some entry-level basketball shoes the actual results, after all, no forefoot cushion basketball shoes a few ah. This combination is the future Max Air + Zoom Air classic combination of shape. Air Jordan 6 and before the Air Jordan 5 looks like there is the same strain,cheap jordans for sale of course, not without innovation, which improved and the upper part of the ankle portion replaced with materials contributed. [url=] cheap jordans online [/url] Relative Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 6 package and ankle protection are better, but it is precisely because of these complicated protective measures to make Air Jordan 6 concise look no Air Jordan 5, the final status does not seem high Air Jordan 5.