Saturday, April 30, 2022

jordans for sale with Air Jordan 11 Low Concord on sale

jordans for sale with Air Jordan 11 Low Concord on sale
As early as the end of 2018, the return of Jordan Brand's classic shoe type and color matching Air Jordan 11 "Concord" can be said to have caused a generation of good memories, and the shoe fans who snapped up on the day of the release are also long queues. Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord" shoes use Air Jordan 11 Low as the basic shoe type, the overall color matching uses "Concord" classic black and white as the main tone, simple and elegant color matching, classic Air Jordan 11 shape, low-top design, see Exactly like the Concord color scheme, [url= ]jordans for sale[/url] but it actually hides a mystery. Under the light, it will show the charm of the shoes themselves. The crystal outsole will have a pearl-like luster, and the patent leather on the upper will also show a gem-like halo. The overall texture is extraordinary, and the upper foot will be full of vitality and vitality Handsome and avant-garde, it has attracted many male and female sneaker lovers.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

cheap jordans for men with Air Jordan 1 Low Shattered Backboard Retro

cheap jordans for men  with Air Jordan 1 Low Shattered Backboard Retro
Air Jordan 1 was born in 1985. It is the first pair of signature basketball shoes designed by Nike for Air Jordan. It is also the Jordan shoes with the most re-enacted versions. 
Black and orange buckle is one of the most classic colors of AJ1. The reason why it is called buckle is because Michael Jordan smashed a rebound with a violent dunk in a European tour. 
Air Jordan 1 low Shattered Backboard sneakers. The black and orange color matching is recognizable, and the color matching is almost the same as the black buckle, but the shoe material is different. The top layer of lychee leather and suede covered shoe body, and the wing logo on the heel is embroidered. The color matching of the original buckle is restored, and the texture of the lychee grain top layer [url= ]cheap jordans for men[/url]  leather and the matte leather is delicate. The fixing holes of the shoelaces have the words 23, and the shoes are matched with vibrant black, white and orange. 
Air Jordan 1 low Shattered Backboard 
Color: white/starfish orange/black 
Stype Code: 553558-128 
Release Date: 2020

Monday, April 25, 2022

cheap jordans New Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue on sale

cheap jordans  -New Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue on sale
Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue The AJ11 Low presented in an all-white shape follows many classic details. The mudguard is made of high-grade patent leather and incorporates a transparent ice blue outsole, which is refreshing and pleasant; Jordan's "23" number pays homage to the brilliant achievements of the trapeze; in addition, the "25" mark on the insole serves as a hidden easter egg to pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of the AJ11.
The Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue is based on the low-top shoe type, with pure white patent leather,  [url= ]cheap jordans[/url] leather and mesh fabric uppers. At the same time, the transparent blue crystal outsole of the Air Jordan 11 Low "Legend Blue" has greatly improved the appearance of the entire pair of sneakers. I believe that such a fresh style will also make many young ladies fall in love. The clean and neat shoe body, the refreshingly embellished aqua blue, and the transparent and attractive jelly rubber sole actually have an indescribable charm when worn!

Sunday, April 24, 2022

cheap jordans for men Air Jordan III3 Retro SE Muslin shoes

cheap jordans for men  -Air Jordan III(3) Retro SE Muslin shoes
The Air Jordan 3 is a groundbreaking collaboration between Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan that brings a new twist to the classic Jordan collection. Jordan Brand has once again injected a new colorway for the classic Air Jordan 3 - the Air Jordan 3 Retro SE Muslin. Compared with the traditional AJ3, this pair of shoes has a bold change, from the color matching to the material is not the traditional AJ3 style, just like its name "Muslin", the overall style is very fashionable.
The Air Jordan 3 Muslin features a combination of canvas and suede throughout to provide the shoe with a premium texture to help you meet everyday challenges.  [url= ]cheap jordans for men[/url] The Jumpman Logo on the front lace holes, tongue and heel is accented with striking red for a dazzling appeal. The toe cap and heel are made of gray suede, which replaces the iconic burst crack design. The overall appearance is very durable. Details such as the off-white midsole and heel patch add a touch of retro to the shoe. With a gray outsole, echoing the color of the upper.
Air Jordan 3 Retro SE Muslin
Color: Muslin / University Red / Cement Grey / Sail
Stype: DH7139 100
Release Date: March 25, 2022

Friday, April 22, 2022

cheap dunk shoes with Dunk SB Low x 7 Eleven on sale

cheap dunk shoes with Dunk SB Low x 7-Eleven on sale
Dunk SB Low co-branded convenience store 7-Eleven has a built-in Zoom Air air cushion, and the shoe body is divided into three areas by orange, green and red. That iconic three-color Logo signboard has long been imprinted in people's minds and is now a household name. The woven label on the tongue, the side of the shoe and the heel of the shoe are embellished with the logos of both parties to show the joint identity.  [url= ]cheap dunk shoes[/url] The popularity of the Dunk series of shoes has been created, and the influence of the convenience store 7-ELEVEn can be described as a strong joint name.
Dunk SB Low x 7-Eleven The color of the shoe body is transplanted with the red, orange, and green colors in the 7-11 logo, forming three contrasting color blocks on the toe, side and heel. White Swoosh Logo embellishment, followed by 7-11 Logo highlight echoes the theme. The shoelace head, the inside of the tongue and the insole are also embellished with striking 7-11 logo decoration, and the overall design is full of street style. The most prominent is the "7-Eleven" brand logo printed on the side heel, and the 7-Eleven co-branded LOGO is also printed on the heel.
Dunk SB Low x 7-Eleven
Color: Red / Green / Orange / White
Stype Code: CZ5130 600

Thursday, April 21, 2022

jordans for sale The PE Color Air Jordan 6 University of North Carolina

jordans for sale -The PE Color Air Jordan 6 University of North Carolina
Air Jordan 6 "UNC" combines two classic elements, North Carolina blue and Air Jordan 6, which symbolize flying people. The whole shoe body runs through a cool aqua blue tone, and is matched with white area leather, showing a very simple and beautiful appearance. The visual effect, paired with the matching transparent ice bottom, is definitely a super colorway that Jordan fans can't resist. In addition, the Air Jordan 6 "UNC" heel is also printed with a special label that appeared in the Air Jordan 4 "UNC".
The PE color matching of the University of North Carolina (UNC) has always been sought after by players. In addition to being the alma mater of the basketball god Michael Jordan, it is also because of its beautiful appearance.  [url= ]jordans for sale[/url] The color scheme of the whole pair of shoes is simple and stylish, blue and white. The alternate shoe body is very eye-catching, the white leather is delicate and textured, the sky blue suede material reveals purity, and the tongue, lining and midsole are embellished with black to balance the overall color matching design, making the color matching of the whole pair of shoes very good. harmony and unity. The outsole is made of AJ6's traditional crystal bottom and Jump Man Logo, which has a deep heritage.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

cheap original jordans New Air Jordan 3 Retro Pine Green Online

cheap original jordans  -New Air Jordan 3 Retro Pine Green Online
This pair of AJ3 color matching upper is made of black suede material, embellished with white, light gray and green details, and the overall Oregon color effect is created. The toe and heel are equipped with cracked leather, showing the traditional details of the Air Jordan 3. The Jumpman Logo on the tongue is presented in green, and it is also edged in yellow. The detail design is very prominent.
The Air Jordan III is a groundbreaking collaboration between Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan,  [url= ]cheap original jordans[/url] featuring pops of cracks and visible Air that brings a new twist to the classic Jordan collection. The Air Jordan III Retro "Pine Green" upper is made of black high-quality suede as a whole; at the toe and heel, the classic Air Jordan III burst design is incorporated to make the whole texture more outstanding. The details of the shoe body are also embellished with pine green, and combined with the green Jumpman Logo embroidery on the tongue, it adds a touch of freshness to the whole.
Air Jordan III(3) Pine Green
Stype Code: CT8532-030

Monday, April 18, 2022

cheap jordan shoes with New Air Jordan XI Cool Gray Low

cheap jordan shoes  with New Air Jordan XI Cool Gray Low
Air Jordan 11, launched in November 1995, is A favorite of Jordan himself, which witnessed Jordan's comeback to glory again. Tinker Hatfield used patent leather inspired by lawn mower casing for the Air Jordan 11. The innovative nylon mesh and tongue pattern were inspired by the appearance of Denver International Airport. The body adopts mesh fiber material to reduce the weight of the whole pair of shoes, while effectively preventing deformation or stretching; Midsole adopts full palm AIR cushion, and revolutionary equipped with full palm fiber carbon plate, which can effectively prevent the sneaker from twisting and quickly correct the SOLE,  [url= ]cheap jordan shoes[/url] bringing a huge breakthrough in performance, and thus laying a pioneer of high-end sneaker equipped with carbon plate. Air Jordan 11 is an undoubted classic, an artwork standing on the top of basketball shoes, which has had a profound influence on the development of the whole Nike basketball shoes.
In 1995, the Air Jordan XI was an instant hit. Its iconoclastic patent-leather design quickly became a classic, lasting for 20 years. Originally designed as Michael Jordan's golfer version, the low-top Air Jordan XI in a cool gray color scheme has made its public debut. The whole pair of shoes uses the cool gray match color with advanced feeling dye-in-a-wood to show, with the earliest version of the sale is basically consistent.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

cheap jordans for men with the Air Jordan 1 High OG Rebellionaire

cheap jordans for men with the Air Jordan 1 High OG Rebellionaire
The design of the Air Jordan 1 High OG Rebellionaire is inspired by the classic "forbidden" advertisement shot by Michael Jordan for Nike in 1985. Therefore, on the heels of these shoes, the long-lost red "X" element is seen, while the high barrel outline is black , gray collocation is presented, and the vamp is full of the words "They can't stop you from wearing them",  [url= ]cheap jordans for men[/url] "They can't stop you from wearing these shoes".
The Air Jordan 1 High OG Rebellionaire has a black and gray main color, followed by an eye-catching X-pattern paint graffiti, emphasizing the forbidden elements.  [url= ]cheap jordans for men[/url] The color matching is similar to the classic black and gray shadow Shadow, and the black and gray tones are all over printed with the words I They can't stop you from wearing them.
The overall color is black and gray, and the appearance is similar to the classic "Shadow" color scheme, followed by the eye-catching red "X" paint graffiti, and the shoes are covered with "They can't stop you from wearing them (they can't stop you from wearing these shoes)" The words inherit the core spirit of forbidden rebelliousness and publicity of individuality.

Friday, April 15, 2022

cheap jordans on sale Air Jordan IV4 Military Black Retro Men's

cheap jordans on sale  -Air Jordan IV(4) Military Black Retro Men's
Air Jordan 4 Military Black continues the classic silhouette of "Military Blue" with the same theme. Based on the all-white leather upper, black is injected into the heel patch, plastic eyelet, tongue Jumpman Logo, midsole connection, etc. to form a contrast. The gray part is shown in details such as the bracket and the lining, and the suede material of the toe is also a detail.
The new Air Jordan 4 Military Black colorway features a similar tone to the Air Jordan 4 "Military Blue" military blue colorway, replacing all blue details with black,  [url= ]cheap jordans on sale[/url]  traditional high-quality white leather for the upper, complemented by light gray and Black details, covering the lace support, lining, midsole, outsole, heel patch and toe cap respectively, outline and give its classic silhouette a new look. The rest of the shoe features a white leather upper with a neutral gray overlay,  and a white, black and gray patchwork design will appear on the rubber outsole, embellished with a simple black, gray and white color scheme, and the overall atmosphere is quite simple and straightforward. .
Air Jordan 4 Military Black
Color: White/Black-Neutral Grey
Style Code: DH6927-111
Release Date: June 25, 2022

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

cheap kobe shoes with Zoom Kobe VII USA sports low top culture basketba...

cheap kobe shoes  with Zoom Kobe VII USA sports low-top culture basketball shoes
This Zoom Kobe VII Kobe 7th generation basketball shoes men's, the shoe body is mainly white, with cosmic red matching. Equipped with XDR soles, it is not only more wear-resistant, but also improves the friction and traction of sports shoes on the court. Zoom Kobe VII USA Kobe 7th generation re-engraved actual combat sports low-top culture basketball shoes exclusive original flying line technology, insole upgrade equipped with ultra-thick PHYLON midsole   [url= ]cheap kobe shoes[/url] # front and rear palms equipped with real Zoom air cushion unit # plastic carbon fiber support plate❗
  Zoom Kobe 7. Launched, ZK7 uses the design concept of System, Eric Avar provides two kinds of inner boots that can be replaced, which also allows players to choose according to their own feelings. The midsole is equipped with Phylon and Zoom Air air cushion units to provide excellent cushioning performance. At the same time, the low-top elastic shoe design allows the shoe to fit snugly against the ankle to provide better support. The upper still uses Flywire technology to fit the foot. In addition, the design of the sneakers is inspired by Kobe's killer temperament, he is like a hunter on the court, and ZK7 is his best weapon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

jordans for sale with Union LA x Air Jordan Guava Ice online

jordans for sale with Union LA x Air Jordan Guava Ice online
This color matching is still eye-catching. Pink is the main color with red and blue embellishments, which makes these shoes look naughty but not fancy. The light yellow sole is also just right. The overall color matching texture is very suitable for girls. Going to wear it, compared to the previous pair of Union x Air Jordan 4, these shoes are still sincere.
Union LA x Air Jordan Guava Ice This colorway is very retro, with a light pink suede upper as a whole, supplemented by red lace buckles and contrasting details on the upper to create a distressed and faded effect. The light khaki upper is embellished with red and blue two-color shoelace buckles,  [url= ]jordans for sale[/url] while the classic mesh window is sewn with a joint label, which is eye-catching. The special blue tag highlights the extremely high specifications of the shoe, and the yellow midsole with its own oxidation effect is more retro. The biggest feature of the whole pair of shoes is that the tongue is turned out. The "AIR JORDAN" seam label that was originally upside down on the inside of the tongue can be exposed, and the tongue is fixed with stitches. If the stitches are removed, it can become an Air Jordan 4. The traditional long tongue reveals the familiar Jumpman and Union logos.
Union LA x Air Jordan Guava Ice
Stype Code: DC9533-800
Release Date: September 30

Sunday, April 10, 2022

cheap jordans for men with Air Jordan 5 Hare Retro online

cheap jordans for men with Air Jordan 5 Hare Retro online
Nike and Jordan Brand have a soft spot for Bugs Bunny. As a dynamic animated character, Bugs Bunny has brought infinite joy to many people in the classic animation "Looney Tunes".
The Air Jordan 5 perfectly replicates the classic Air Jordan 7 "Bunny Bunny" color scheme. The gray and white dress on the upper and the combination of various materials bring a unique sense of hierarchy to this new pair of "Bunny Bunny".
The looming colorful graffiti design on the tongue is a good tribute to the Air Jordan 7, but at the same time it is not new. [url= ]cheap jordans for men[/url]  In addition, there are more similar colored graffiti on the details of the shoe body, highlighting its "bugs bunny" identity. The sole is composed of three colors of red, green and white. After all, red and blue have produced CP since ancient times, and it is of course no exception. The Jumpman on the heel of the shoe and the outsole is decorated with purple, which is also quite like "Aerial Slam Dunk"

Saturday, April 9, 2022

cheap jordans for sale with Air Jordan I1 Retro High OG Yellow Toe Men's

cheap jordans for sale  with Air Jordan I(1) Retro High OG Yellow Toe Men's
The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Toe uses Shinedown fans' favorite yellow as the main line color, with classic white and black two colors, and the full leather body inherits many OG details. The classic dress of the black toe is presented in black and yellow contrasting colors, creating a more dynamic visual impact.  [url= ]cheap jordans for sale[/url]  Compared with the exclusive shoes, the exclamation mark of the album cover embellished on the heel disappears.
The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Toe is detailed with leather pairs that are accurate to the stitch several times. The heel has four layers of leather, and the needles and threads of the same color are cheap jordans repeatedly selected. The shoe body is made of a large area of ​​high-quality lychee pattern, and the texture is good!
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Yellow Toe
Color: Black / Taxi-White
Stype Code: AR1020-700
Release Date: August 13, 2022

Thursday, April 7, 2022

jordan shoes for cheap Air Jordan I1High OG Seafoam Retro

jordan shoes for cheap -Air Jordan I(1)High OG Seafoam Retro
It has been more than 30 years since the Air Jordan 1 was born, and the classic version combined with the ever-changing design has made the shoe timeless and suitable for all kinds of aesthetics.
The Air Jordan 1 High OG Seafoam is covered in light green as a whole. It uses a combination of soft leather and high-quality suede to highlight the texture. The white part is made of lychee leather, and the shoelace part is decorated with orange (one white and one green are also given). )  
[url= ]jordan shoes for cheap[/url] to make the appearance more perfect. The design of two-color shoelaces and tags also provides more possibilities for styling.
The Air Jordan 1 High OG Seafoam body is mainly colored by water green and white. This time, it is special in terms of material lead. The toe cap is used to block the mud, and the side logo of the shoe mud guard is made of lake water board green leather position material. The white part of the body is made of jordans for sale perforated leather, which brings foreign materials to the shoe body. The Wings logo on the collar is also very prominent because it is white. There are also 3 types of shoelaces with lake green, white and white edges, which brings more convenience to users.
Air Jordan 1 High OG WMNS Seafoam
Color: Seafoam / Healing Orange White
Release Date: August 12, 2021
Stype Code: CD0461-002

Monday, April 4, 2022

cheap jordans for men New Air Jordan 1 Element Gore Tex On Sale

cheap jordans for men  -New Air Jordan 1 Element Gore-Tex On Sale
Spring is coming. In the face of the coming rainy season, Air Jordan 1 Element Gore-Tex has become the outdoor shoes of shoe fans and friends. The new Air Jordan 1 Element shoes made of Gore-Tex technology material are waterproof. In terms of windproof performance, a new Air Jordan 1 Element Gore-Tex Light Curry is added this time,  [url= ]cheap jordans for men[/url]  adding curry tones to the shoe body, and the black and yellow color matching structure is more classic in terms of visual effect. The red Nike Air on the tongue once again emphasizes the identity of the shoe owner. The side Nike Swoosh is made of silver gray and made of reflective material, showing a good temperament. Finally, the outer primer still presents a distinctive effect with a contrasting color smudge design, which is full of texture.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

jordans for sale with Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy Online

jordans for sale with Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy Online
Air Jordan 6 is a very classic AJ generation. It is the sneaker that Jordan wore for the first time to win the championship. It is also the shoe of Sakuragi Flower Road in "Slam Dunk". For players in the 80s and 90s, it is a pair of feelings. Sneakers are also my favorite pair of AJ genuine shoes.
It has been a while since the last release of Rouge AJ6. Although AJ6 is an unpopular shoe, Nike continues to re-enact this classic series!  [url= ]jordans for sale[/url] This white shoe body is paired with a blue midsole and an outsole composed of crystal soles, making the whole pair of shoes simple and elegant!
The Air Jordan 6 Midnight Navy is available in only two colors, and the white upper is made of high-quality, fine-grained leather. The tongue, shoe lift and midsole are made of midnight blue. The contrast between the two colors is strong, giving people a very eye-catching visual experience, revealing a simple and advanced design concept. The outsole uses blue with a crystal base, and the white Jumpman Logo is used as an embellishment, echoing the color theme.

Friday, April 1, 2022

cheap jordan shoes with Air Jordan 1 High OG Brotherhood For Sale

cheap jordan shoes with Air Jordan 1 High OG Brotherhood For Sale
The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was one of the first fraternity organizations established at a black college to help African Americans and provide educational opportunities for youth in the community. Jordan also joined the "Omega Psi Phi" brothers in college. Can. In honor of the Omega Psi Phi Brotherhood, the new Air Jordan 1 High OG "Brotherhood" is released.
This color scheme is presented in yellow and purple as a whole, and the overall visual effect is very good. Some people may even think of the classic color scheme of the Los Angeles Lakers.  [url= ]cheap jordan shoes[/url] But in fact, this color scheme was inspired by a black fraternity called Omega Psi Phi that Michael Jordan participated in when he was at the University of North Carolina. This organization is presented in gold and purple, so this shoe also uses a large area of ​​gold and purple, which is impressive.
The Air Jordan 1 High OG Brotherhood shoe body is made of white, purple and yellow leather, which highlights the iconic colors of the Brotherhood and has a good sense of hierarchy and texture. The Swoosh Logo on the side of the shoe is shown in purple, which brings strong recognition. The white midsole is paired with the yellow outsole, echoing the theme of the shoe. Although it has nothing to do with the color matching of the Lakers, the appearance is still very high.
Air Jordan 1 High OG Brotherhood
Color: University Gold/Light Bordeaux White
Stype Code: 555088-706
Release Date: February 26, 2022