Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cheap Retro Air Jordan 12 Reverse Taxi for sale

Cheap Retro Air Jordan 12 Reverse Taxi for sale
The Air Jordan 12 has always been a series of people's balloon shoes, and the popular QUD color at the beginning of the year has naturally proved this. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans shoes [/url] Looking back at the Air Jordan 12's many classic colors, the most impressive is the “Taxi” gold button color. Just as everyone waited for the Golden Seal 12, Jordan Brand also brought us a new reverse color.
Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi” shoes are still in the classic black and white contrast color. Compared with the gold buckle body, the color is reversed, and the fur and leather are stitched together as the upper, even if the color is the same, but the layering It is quite rich. The most eye-catching detail is the iconic gold buckle decoration, noble and gorgeous, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap retro jordans [/url] highlighting the powerful atmosphere! At the same time, the tongue is matched with the red Jumpman Logo to create a strong Chicago bull atmosphere.
Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi” for sale
Item No.: 130690-017
Release time: November 9

Monday, August 12, 2019

About New Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott unique design

About New Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott unique design
With cross-grade materials and unique design, Travis Scott and Jordan Brand bring a lot of high-profile, high-profile, screaming!
Based on the classic shape of Air Jordan 6, it can be said that it is completely [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] jordans for sale [/url] changed from the inside out! From design to face value, there are a lot of powder. The overall look is made from suede, using Travis Scott's personal favorite olive-green tones, detailing with striking orange accents.
TS's beloved olive-green covered suede body detailing with striking scarlet accents creates a strong visual impact! The biggest highlight is the Air Jordan 6's signature upper bulge. This time, the outside of the feet becomes a canvas pocket, and the exclusive smiley logo is printed on it. Not only is the brain hole unique, but it also adds a bit of playability and practicality to highlight its unique identity!
In addition, the shoelace buckle and the heel position are printed with the label of the brand, and the outsole is also filled with luminous properties, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans [/url] which is very eye-catching! Domineering and tough, without losing the trend of the street, every detail portrays TS's strong personal style, which is a play!
Item No.: CN1084-200
Release date: September 14

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Air Foamposite Pro Purple Camo Shoes for sale online

Air Foamposite Pro Purple Camo Shoes for sale online
The Foamposite family of bubbles that haven't been amazing for a long time brings a new personality in the early autumn. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] Cheap Air Foamposite Pro [/url] The Purple Foamposite Pro “Purple Camo” is a pair of purple and black colors. Under the black sole and black collar, the purple camouflage foam upper is recognizable. Purple shoes are not common, this time also incorporates the unique texture of the Foamposite bubble material, and the black stereo Swoosh also has a strong contrast effect.
The upper foot wear can instantly light up the whole, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap basketball shoes [/url] and the camouflage texture brings rich detail expression, which is undoubtedly another weapon for this autumn and winter fashion street!
Air Foamposite Pro “Purple Camo”
Goods number: 624041-012
Release date: August 17

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Air Jordan 1 Low Shattered Backboard shoes for sale

Air Jordan 1 Low Shattered Backboard shoes for sale
Following the release of the OG Black Toe Air Jordan 1 Low, the most popular "cash backboard" theme in the original color scheme will also be added to the low-end version of the family! [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] jordans for cheap [/url] It is also the most popular black buckle version 1.0. The overall color distribution is completely based on the 1.0 version interpretation. The black, orange and white colors perfectly restore the original color scheme, and the color contrast effect is fully exerted! The material is convenient for the white part to retain the original lychee leather touch, while the black and orange parts of the shoe are made of frosted leather!
The heel is still embroidered to highlight the classic flying wing logo. The shoelace [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap real jordans [/url] fixing holes on the tongue are decorated with 23 characters, and the outer outsole is finished with the same orange finish as the high-top!
Air Jordan 1 Low “Shattered Backboard”
Article number: 553558-128
Release date: Summer of 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019

cheap jordans -A series of shoes 2019 Basketball World Cup

cheap jordans -A series of shoes created by the 2019 Basketball World Cup.
Air Jordan 12 “FIBA” As a core member of the FIBA series, this pair of Air Jordan 12 is naturally the most concerned pair. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans [/url] The design is dominated by white, with gold and red accents, and the dark outline of the flag is presented on the outer side of the shoe. The words “heart only burns” in the heel of the shoe express the athlete’s love of basketball and the determination to challenge higher achievements.
Air Jordan 4 “FIBA” This year marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4, this time joined the basketball World Cup series, making this pair of shoes full of meaning. The whole is dominated by dark red, adding navy blue as an embellishment. In the original mesh side of the shoe and the nylon mesh part of the toe, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordan shoes [/url] the national flag elements of the basketball World Cup participating countries are displayed in the form of engraving patterns.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

2019 Basketball World Cup Air Jordan 33 SE for sale

2019 Basketball World Cup Air Jordan 33 SE for sale
The series of shoes created by the 2019 Basketball World Cup Air Jordan 33 SE
The word "FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME" on the inside of the tongue carries [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans [/url] the athlete's love for basketball and the determination to fight for it. Air Jordan 33 SE As the newest member of the Air Jordan family, the Air Jordan 33 SE carries technology, innovation and the future. The first application of the FastFit system led the actual basketball shoes into a new field in terms of package and simplicity.
The color matching is combined with white and gold on the upper, and the light gray flag element is dark. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans for sale [/url] On the inside of the tongue, the word "heart only burns", the shoes and the athletes are closely connected through the love of basketball.

Air Jordan new 2019 basketball World Cup series officially released

Air Jordan new 2019 basketball World Cup series officially released
Jordan Brand officially released a series of shoes specially designed for the 2019 Basketball World Cup.
The 2019 Basketball World Cup is undoubtedly the most important basketball [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans shoes [/url] event of the month, and has become a super welfare for many shoe lovers. Jordan Jumpman Diamond This year, Jordan launched the new combat shoe Jordan Jumpman Diamond, designed by legendary designer Tinker Hatfield and built with the Jordan brand shoe design team. The FIBA color scheme is mainly white, and it is dotted with the representative red and gold of China. The national flag elements of the basketball World Cup participating countries are presented in the form of dark lines on the upper.
The outsole and the gold-colored Jumpman flying man logo are just like [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap retro jordans [/url] the trophy medals that the players are striving for, which complements the vamp color.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New Air Foamposite Pro Camo for sale

New Air Foamposite Pro Camo for sale
The earlier Air Force Camouflage and Army Camouflage have had a very high popularity, and this new purple camouflage Air Foamposite Pro has come again, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap air foamposite shoes [/url] and it is still a full-fledged purple camouflage dress, unlike the regular solid color dress, shoes The body is stitched in bright purple and dark blue to form a classic camouflage pattern.
The outer black Swoosh of the Air Foamposite Pro Camo echoes the collar, and the toe is embellished with a delicate Mini Swoosh. The black outsole maximizes the avoidance of oxidative yellowing, which makes many bubblers very happy. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] air foamposite pro for sale [/url] The overall value of the overall value is unique and unique, and the upper foot must have a super high return rate performance!
Air Foamposite Pro Camo
Goods number: 624041-012
Release date: August 17

Monday, August 5, 2019

New Cheap Air Jordan 12 Game Royal on sale

New Cheap Air Jordan 12 Game Royal on sale
The Game Royal color scheme, combined with black and blue, has already produced eye-catching performance on multiple Air Jordan shoes, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans [/url] and this theme has never appeared on the Air Jordan 12.
Air Jordan 12 "Game Royal" uses a Flu Game black and red color scheme, black upper with a blue toe, calm and bright. Litchi leather materials also have a good texture effect, simple combination of black and blue.
Air Jordan 12 Game Royal black and blue embellished upper with a curved toe as the boundary, showing a clear layering. The upper material is still very advanced and the leather texture is clearly identifiable. The forefoot midsole and outsole are in the same shade of royal blue, and the heel label should also be decorated with the same color. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap authentic jordans [/url] The overall style should be roughly the same as the Flu Game color, with a good foot effect.
Air Jordan 12 “Game Royal”
Goods number: 130690-014

New Air More Uptempo 96 QS Denim sneakers

New Air More Uptempo 96 QS Denim sneakers
Innovatively, the existing classic shoes will be presented with a new color scheme.The shoes are based on a light blue denim upper with a large denim black AIR Logo. The font has a more three-dimensional visual effect, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap air jordans [/url] and it is matched with a white outsole to enhance the overall sense of the body. The toe has a black Swoosh Logo, and the tongue has a bright orange Swoosh Logo that echoes the lace lining logo. The heel is embroidered with a blue embroidery Swoosh Logo, which blends in with the tannins and is very harmonious. The forefoot and footairjordans also have a bright orange Swoosh Logo, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap air more uptempo [/url] which has a contrast with the white outsole, which is very eye-catching. Overall, the color of these shoes is very fresh, and the selection of materials is very advanced. The upper foot effect is also very good, it is a pair of eye-catching versatile shoes.
Air More Uptempo 96 QS Denim
Item No.: CJ6125-100

Saturday, August 3, 2019

New release of sneakers Kobe AD NXT FastFit

New release of sneakers Kobe AD NXT FastFit
Incorporating Air Jordan 33's innovative lacing system! Kobe new boots,The new release of Kobe's signature sneakers will continue, [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap basketball shoes [/url] and the next black Mamba boot is the pair of Kobe AD NXT FastFit.
From the name of the shoe, we can see that the shoes continue the design concept of AD NXT, but added the innovative technology of Air Jordan 33 - FastFit shoelace system.
The shoes are designed with a medium-high sneaker. It can be seen that the design of the Nike React insole is used. The large Swoosh extends from the upper to the sole and has a visual impact.
The biggest highlight is the use of FastFit pull-tab lacing technology with a strap at the ankle. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap sneakers online [/url] Excellent insole cushioning, more stable FastFit and strap design, this pair of Kobe AD NXT FastFit is undoubtedly a real-life performance tool !

Friday, August 2, 2019

All-star color chameleon Air Jordan 1 All-Star

It looks like an all-star color chameleon Air Jordan 1 All-Star
However, this color has been sold for more than two years, which directly led to the 2017 Chameleon Air Jordan 1 currently has a high selling price. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans [/url] However, last week coincided with the WNBA All-Star Game, Jordan Brand also launched a fun Chameleon Air Jordan 1 Mid, let's take a look! The model is based on the Air Jordan 1 Mid, with a black body with holographic blue accents and a full chameleon. The most eye-catching is the crystal outsole, which is similar to the all-star color that was previously sold. [url=http://www.footairjordans.com/ ] cheap jordans for sale [/url] The small Chameleon Air Jordan 1 Mid will be available soon, item number BQ6472-009.