Wednesday, May 25, 2022

cheap jordans for men Retro Air Jordan 1 Balvin Herencia On Sale

cheap jordans for men -Retro Air Jordan 1 Balvin Herencia On Sale
The material of the upper, the silhouette of the cut, the symbol logo, etc., all present the design language loved by the co-singer J Balvin. In the past, although some top co-branded models will also come up with some special exclusive color matching. But such a method of directly enriching the color of the entire vamp is not only unique but also very rare. And this rich color is also a good tribute to Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music.
As a professional reggae musician, J Balvin will naturally not only pay tribute to reggae in color matching. In the design language of the entire shoe body, J Balvin has carried out very bold cutting and design.  [url= ]cheap jordans on sale[/url] The splicing parts of each vamp are designed with different geometric shapes. These different shapes and related parts together produce a wonderful and strong visual rhythm, which is a good tribute to the strong rhythm of reggae music.
In addition to these parts, this pair of joint shoes is also a hidden pair of shoes. Although the design looks almost the same on the surface, there are actually subtle differences between the two shoes. The logo on one shoe is the iconic trapeze logo of the AJ1 series, while the other is a thunderbolt eye smiley pattern, which is very interesting. At the same time, this also further enhances the recognition of this pair of shoes.

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